Gaylord and Bagley Township in Talks to Bring RV Park to the Area

With the continued high rate of RV sales throughout the pandemic, Gaylord is hoping to capitalize with a new RV park.

Locally, sellers have been enjoying a lot of business, including owner of Northern Michigan RV, Tony Kesselring. “They’ve been phenomenal,” he said. “The new ones are going in as fast as they come out and luckily I’ve come across quite a few people who are getting out of camping that I’ve been able to buy their used ones from and that’s helped out considerably.”

The RV park, proposed by the M-32 Development Group would be located in Bagley Township, and the two entities are currently trying to hash out the details. “Right now we’re in talks with Bagley township in regards to bringing the property into the city of gaylord,” said Kim Awrey, Gaylord city manager. “It’s currently in Bagley Township but that RV park would need to have city utilities.”

The city needs to establish a certain millage with the township to bring in the property. Not everything is set in stone, but Awrey is confident they’ll find a way “I don’t see any issues with our city council tonight,” she said. “I think the proposal is fair. If Bagley Township accepts it that would be great as well.”

Overall she believes the park would add a lot to the area. “I think it would be a great addition to our town and would bring a different type of tourist to our town and get some growth on the east side of town that we don’t really have a lot out there,” said Awrey.