Traverse City Trails Festival Raises Money to Connect Bike Trails

Northern Michigan bikers have plenty of miles of trails to bike.

Some organizations are working to connect the bike trails so bikers can see even more of what the area has to offer.

One group is holing a fundraiser to help with that cause.

Around 300 bikers made their way to Ranch Rudolph for the fifth Traverse City Trails Festival, hosted by Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association.

Race supporter, Earl Gervaif says, “It’s great for the community. The cycling community improves our community. They’re athletic, they’re friendly, it’s a family.”

Earl Gervaif and his wife Maude rode in the very first trails festival.

They say coming back shows just how big the festival has gotten.

“And it keeps growing. The more that we do the larger it becomes and we’re seeing more and more trails all around us,” Gervaif says.

Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association board member, Tom White, says pre-pandemic they had record breaking attendance, and this year they didn’t know what to expect.

“I thought we would be lucky to get about 200 and I think we’re going to be well over 300. So we did alright, our biggest number is close to 500,” say White.1244e2f9 2461 4ac4 A029 E052cf06fab1

The Traverse City Trails Festival is Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association’s biggest fundraiser.

It helps them work with the DNR to connect and create and 28 miles of trails bikers are racing on.

White says, “Because it’s popular over the history of time we’ve developed a really great interest in single track and what we have here is quite a few mile of continuous single track and that’s what’s valuable.”

To those in the biking community this race means much more.

“We love the cycling community. They’re our family. They are our family and we dearly appreciate them,” says Gervaif.