The Garden Theater Raises $2.1 Million For Renovations

With the help of the community, the Garden Theater in Frankfort raised $2.1 million for renovations.

On Thursday they started placing beams from the foundation up through the original structure to support a new roof.

This comes after the theater discovered that not only could the original roof from 1923 not support solar panels, it couldn’t support a heavy snowfall.

Other plans for the building include updated bathrooms, improvements to the stage and better sound and lighting.

“Small theaters like this have the opportunity to be the cornerstone of the community. The amount of support has been overwhelming from the community,” said Katie Jones, the Garden Theatre Executive Director.” The amount of people that want to see it thrive, that want to bring more art to the community; it’s been really overwhelming.”

The theater is expecting to be open and running in early Fall before their Film Festival in October.