Ludington Kindergartner Competes for Motocross National Title

He starts kindergarten next month but first he races for a national championship.

Brantley Sheren, of Ludington, just turned six years old .and starting next weekend he will be racing for a motocross national title in Tennessee.

One of just 42 kids his age across the country to qualify, despite only riding for a little over a year.Motocross Munchkin Pkg 7 23 2100 00 08 21still001

“I wanted to get the kids dirt bikes for a couple years but my wife was against it,” said Adam Sheren, Brantley’s dad, “Then COVID came around and I kind of just said, ‘We’re getting dirt bikes,’ and she agreed.”

“And then he put us into this and I really started liking it,” said Brantley, “Then we just got better and better.”

He’s gotten a lot better, fueled by having fun.

“Jumping jumps and whipping and flying around corners,” said Brantley.

Adam says his son is so good, not because of what he can do on the track, but what he chooses to do off it.

“He listens to his coaches. At this age, it’s hard to get kids to listen, they want to do their own thing,” said Adam, “But for him, his coach will tell him to go do something and then he’ll go do it and then he’ll work on it.”

Brantley wants this to be his career. Even when not on the track, he’s thinking about motocross.

“Sometimes I work on the bikes with my dad,” said Brantley, “I like changing the air filter and the oils.”

The Sherens pack up and head to Tennessee next week, looking to bring home a title. Brantley locked down his winning strategy.

“Never let off the throttle,” said Brantley, “Stand up the whole time.”