29th Annual Art Leelanau Exhibit Has Opening Night

Friday was the opening night for the 29th Annual Art Leelanau Exhibit.

This year, the art exhibit had 106 artists with connections to Leelanau come to display their artwork.

Exhibit organizers say they are selling more than 200 pieces of locally made art.

The exhibit is all for the Old Art Building in Leelanau, and all proceeds go towards the 99-year-old building.

Last year’s fundraiser was made virtual because of the pandemic.

But this year, they are welcoming back to community members and local vendors.C691bc63 A0e1 417d Ae8b 2316143b9880

Dan Lisuk, President of the Leelanau Community Cultural Center, says, “People support the community that they want to see in the future and for us, it’s beautiful because it says that they want us to be around and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Art Leelanau will be on display in the Old Art Building until Wednesday, July 28th.