War Memorial Hospital Assistant Nurse Recognized for Extra Efforts

The Speak Up Award is given by the Michigan Health and Hospital Association to medical professionals who make sure their coworkers and supervisors are aware a patient of theirs needs more attention.

Kelsey Moran received the award this month for doing just that for someone she thought needed more care.

“He just had a couple things medically that she didn’t like when she was performing care so she brought those concerns to someone’s attention,” said Katie Peabody, administrator of long-term care at War Memorial Hospital. “She kept bringing more concerns up she just didn’t like the way he looked so he got assessed and got the treatment that he needed.”

Throughout her section, Moran is known for her kindness and the care she shows for the people she looks after.

“They love it,” said Peabody. “She just takes extra time to make them look good–jewelry, does their hair, puts scarves on them. Just little touches like that. That’s the kind of aid you want taking care of your family member.”

Moran was one of four award finalists throughout Michigan.