Michigan Family of Seven Moves to Northern Michigan to Run Wexford County General Store

It all started when Pam Sandy and her husband, Ken, were on vacation in Northern Michigan. They came across the Meauwataka General Store and decided to stop in after seeing a sign for smoked fish.

“We found this store by accident,” Sandy said. “We came in and it was such a cool store. It was so different… and vintage-y… and unique… and Up Northey.”

Fast-forward a few years later, Pam and Ken had plans to retire and move Up North from Union, Michigan. The couple had purchased a farmhouse only three miles from the store, which they had no intentions of buying at the time.

“When we pulled up to the stop sign, we looked over and my husband and I both went… “the store and it’s for sale”… and I said,” we’re not buying it.””

It wasn’t until her daughter, Cort Jenkin’s, came up with her husband and kids, that plans changed.

“We saw this store and we basically fell in love with it right away,” Jenkin’s said. I made him stop and I got a drink, met the owners and I loved the charm of it.”

Now, the family of seven spends their time running the store, while providing a convenient place for people to go to get quick food and basic groceries. The family says they have big plans for the store and are adding a bigger kitchen to offer more food options for the community.

“The community has been overwhelmingly kind and generous and awesome. It just feels like home,” Sandy said.

The family said they are also having Taco Tuesday’s and “Nacho-Average” Friday’s. Pam Sandy will also be opening her farmhouse to the public on Airbnb, which will be listed this weekend.

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