Cadillac Community Comes Together to Support Residents Affected By Boil Water Advisory

The Cadillac community is coming together to support those affected by the boil water advisory.

WaterAn advisory was put out to the city on Wednesday to boil their water before cooking, drinking, or bathing after a water main broke on 6th Ave between the old city wells and AAR in the city.

“It happened late morning, and it affected people around the city just a little bit differently,” said Cadillac Mayor Carla Filkins.

The main was fixed Wednesday evening by the city.

“They feel pretty confident that we’re ok, but we can never be too careful when we’re talking about water,” said Filkins.

That’s why community members stepped up to help those affected by the advisory.

The city of Cadillac received a semi full of water from Ice Mountain, thanks to a local connection.

“Everybody was headed towards the store and trying to get bottled water,” said Filkins. “It was just a very gracious donation to our community.”

The city is passing out a case of water to the public until 8 p.m. Thursday.

“It just does my heart so good how quickly people come together to take care of one another,” said Filkins.

Across the city, the Cadillac Area YMCA is allowing non members to use their showers and drinking water.

“We’re not linked to the city water, so we’re on our own water source,” said Membership and Marketing Director Bob Reddick. “We’re not affected by it at all.”

Reddick said it’s been tough for those without water these past few days.

“We heard that people were not able to shower in the water, obviously people work and need to shower,” he said. “The Y is committed to our community and we want to help out whenever we can.”

There’s still some testing that needs to be done to check the water for bacteria. Those results should come in on Friday.