State Announces Second Round of Vaccine Sweepstakes Winners

The state Wednesday announced the second wave of daily drawings in the MI Shot to Win sweepstakes.

Two daily drawing winners for $50,000 and the $1 million winner.

“So get your shots, to keep you and your loved ones safe,” said Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist, “And, of course, sign up for MI Shot to Win so you can win prizes.”

Gilchrist took over duties from Governor Gretchen Whitmer and got help from Michigan native and comedian Tim Meadows.Vax Lottery Week 2 Pkg 7 21 2100 00 05 24still001

“It was just a big relief because I felt like I could get out and do things,” said Meadows, “I wasn’t susceptible to getting sick or passing it on or anything.”

Two more daily drawing winners spoke, giving their advice and plans.

“Do your research, think about yourself and your loved ones,” said Jenna Basaj, a daily drawing winner from Sterling Heights, “And make your own educated decisions.”

“I intend to use the prize money to do some home-improvement projects and take a much-needed vacation,” said Paul Bareno, daily winner from Rockford.

LaTonda Henderson of Grand Blanc was given a check for the first jackpot drawing.

“My mom and dad are already vaccinated, my husband and I and my whole family, we’re already vaccinated and every time I talk to someone I’m always encouraging him to get vaccinated,” said Henderson. 

Despite the excitement behind these winners, the sweepstakes isn’t having the effect the state hoped. Daily dose rates have actually dropped. While the presenters Wednesday nodded to the low impact of the program, they still remained focused.

“We’re going to continue to pull out all the stops. It is a key priority for the state of Michigan to do everything, every single day, that we can to get the most people vaccinated,” said Gilchrist, “Even just again, one more vaccination, in one community on a daily basis, that’s what we’re going to do and we think that we can still get to our goals that we set early on in the pandemic.”

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