Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. Receives MDARD Expansion Grant

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is helping one Northern Michigan business get a little bigger.

The Great Lakes Potato Chips Co. in Traverse City is getting $80,000 to help the company expand their Northern Michigan operations.

They say over the last few years, they have outgrown their current facility.911b4dce A48b 4e34 863d 33c3140b5ba9

They say this money will go towards securing a new facility, and helping to get their chips into more stores.

President of Great Lakes Potato Chips Co., Chris Girrbach says, “That’ll be a big challenge just in terms of logistical moves but then it’s just going to continue to expand the region and let people get some of the Great Lakes Chips and potatoes that the farmers grow and keep doing our thing.”

The Great Lakes Potato Chips Co. says they expect to move into their new home within the next 12 to 14 months.