Fraternal Order of the Eagles Gives Large Donation To Munson’s Webber Heart Center

Over the last year, the Fraternal Order of the Eagles have been hard at work raising money for Munson Healthcare.

This year’s State President for the Eagles, Michael Bristol, is from Traverse City.

He, along with the Eagle’s Aeries across the state, held fundraisers for Munson’s Webber Heart Center.

On Wednesday, they were able to present Munson with a check for over $100,000.

Bristol says more than 50 aeries in Michigan donated to the cause.

“In the last three months we’ve just went around and visited as many aeries as we can and I always wrote them ahead and it seemed that everywhere I went they had a check for me for Munson Webber Heart Center,” said Bristol.

They say this money will go toward Munson’s efforts to update their current equipment and facility.