Clare County Manhunt Ends with Homicide Suspect Arrest

After an 18-hour search for 43-year-old Ronald McClure, the Clare County Sheriff’s Office took McClure into custody without incident around 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon at a home in northwest Isabella County.

Clare Co Homicide

The sheriff’s office says McClure is accused of shooting and killing a man who lived on South Harrison Rd in Farwell.

“We believe there was some type of dispute down by Farwell where it happened and shots were fired,” said Clare County Sheriff John Wilson. “Unfortunately, a man died from it.”

Sheriff Wilson said the relationship between the two men is still unclear, though the Sheriff’s Office has been called to the property before.

“Nothing serious but you know he stole something or the other guy stole something and they would call us,” said Sheriff Wilson.

A neighbor down the road from the victim said he only talked with the victim a few times.

“He was living in the woods, in a tent, he kept to himself,” said Daniel Edwards. “He didn’t really bother anybody, didn’t ask for any help from anybody.”

Edwards said he heard gunshots as he was fishing Tuesday evening.

“It’s not uncommon to hear gunshots in the woods so I didn’t pay much attention to it,” said Edwards. “I was coming back from the store and I seen a couple Sheriff’s Deputies down at the end of the road and I kind of figured that is not normal.”

Edwards said the whole situation has been unsettling.

“He was a nice guy, didn’t seem like he was out to harm anybody, just doing his own thing down there,” he said.

McClure has been taken to the Clare County Jail.