Celebrating National Hot Dog Day With Rusty Dogz In Cheboygan!

Hot Diggity Dog! Let’s be frank –

Is there anything more American than the glorious hot dog?! Maybe if you pair it with a man’s best friend?!

Come on down to Rusty Dogz in Downtown Cheboygan and enjoy a delicious gourmet hot dog with some unique toppings! Some of their most popular dogz include: The Rusty Dog, The Chicago Dog, and The Detroit Dog.

Rusty Dogz is all about supporting man’s best friend, in fact, a part of your purchase will go towards Cheboygan County Humane Society. And if you bring in a picture of your dog, they’ll display it in the store on their ‘Best Friend Wall,’ and offer you a Doggy Bag filled with a treat, Doggy Friez, and a toy!

Many of the products they use are Michigan made, including Faygo sodas, Vollwerths meats, and Great Lakes potato chips.

And they don’t just sell hot dogs! They just launched their new smash burger that you can customize to your liking, and they also offer soups, chili, mac and cheese, and quesadillas. For those that aren’t meat eaters, there are options for you too! Their ‘Skinny Dog’ is vegetarian, and they even serve vegan dogs and brats! The best part is, they are open late on the weekends until 2:30 am and deliver up to 2 am! So if you get hungry late at night, satisfy your cravings with one of their delicious hot dogs!

For a look at their entire menu and to place your order online, CLICK HERE or call (231)- 268-3293.



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