“Bikes For All,” Norte Creates New Program for People With Special Needs

Norte, a non-profit organization based in Traverse City, has a new program for adults 26 years and older with special needs.

“Bikes for All” is a program that offers adaptive bikes for all types of people with disabilities.

It started by a women named Sue Paul. She sits on the Norte’s Board of Directors. Sue and her husband have been taking their 32-year-old daughter, Annie, on bike rides ever since she was little.

Annie has special needs, and although she can’t physically bike, Annie and her husband make sure they still get around and have fun.

To do that, they made a homemade bike for her, which they call the “Bugger.”

“She’s not biking in a conventional way where she’s stirring and pedaling, but she’s out biking and having fun with everybody,” Paul said.

The free event takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at Civic Center in Traverse City, as long as the weather permits.

“What they do is they come in they bike on Tuesday, they’re here at 10:30, and they bike for about an hour, hour-and-fifteen minutes, and then they have a picnic in the park and then they walk over and have an ice cream at Bardon’s, so it makes it a nice fun day nice outing,” Paul said.

The program started in May and Norte says it’s been a huge success.

“Sometimes it kind of depends on the weather, but if it’s a nice day, or just tempered enough like today, people show up and ask you can see… they’re just having a blast,” said Gary Howe, Advocacy and Communications Director for Norte.

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