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What’s Growing With Tom: Food Plot – Part1

Some of you don’t know, but this is the time of year most hunters are planting food plots for the fall. It may seem early, but hunters need to make sure the plants grow enough before hunting season begins.

Last year, our food plot here at the station, had a few very large bucks visit… often. This is what we want to see all over Northern Michigan.

The good news is our plot area has been planted for the last 4 years and is already looking good.

There are no ferns, so the PH is good. That’s a key thing. Justin says you want a well-balanced soil so your plants will grow.

Justin always plants his plots with his grandpa and our plot is no exception.

Grandpa first tills up the areas with the PlotMaster. Then puts down Food Plot Doo to add more nutrients, carbon, calcium for this year’s seed.

Justin says “there are humates in there, there’s Dairy Doo in there, it’s based on that kind of stuff so you’re building carbon, and you guys, nice and unique thing is with this, this product is it has minerals in there. So it’s a 4% calcium for our deer, you know obviously, all those hunters want this. Yes exactly. We can put it in the ground and the roots can take it up, and the plant and can take it up, and the deer, will essentially, get more calcium for fawns, all the way to large antlers”

After putting down the Food Plot Doo, grandpa tills again, working the Doo into the ground.

Why? Because you want it down several inches into the ground, where the plant’s roots will be later this fall.

All this takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it.

Part2 is about choosing the right seeds for your plot.

We’ll make that decision next week and make sure there is good seed to soil contact.