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Tech on Tuesday: Troomi’s Cell Phones for Kids

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If you’re a parent, you know that your child has that tech toy that they are obsessed with. And, for a lot of kids, it’s their cell phone. As a parent, you’re always torn on whether or not if they need a cellphone, and if so, which one is the best for age-appropriate assessability. This is where comes in. Their mission is to “help kids discover their talents and safeguard them along the way”.

Their devices are specifically designed to grow with your child. At first, they may only need the capability to access learning apps. Then, as they get older, parents can add on more ‘bells and whistles’ like e-mail, photo/video sharing, and web surfing. “To provide a technology environment in which kids can thrive, we spent a year developing KidSmart OS™, an Android-based operating system that empowers parents with an extremely easy, powerful and flexible set of parental controls—all while eliminating social media, addictive games, pornography and incoming access for predators and bullies,” said Troomi co-founder, Bill Brady.

As of now, Troomi comes with two options – and . Depending on the phone, they have features like video/photo recording, GPS, MP3 player, and Bluetooth.

To see all of the options and to pre-order a Troomi device, .



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