Munson COVID-19 Hospitalizations Largely Unvaccinated Individuals

Munson Healthcare held their weekly update Tuesday morning with the delta variant as the main topic.

Munson says their hospitalization numbers have remained low and we have yet to see a surge other states are experiencing.

But Munson says those COVID patients in the hospital here in northern Michigan are largely unvaccinated.

Local doctors and health leaders say they would like to see the vaccine rate higher for certain age groups in the area as well.

“We also really need to focus on the 20-29 year old’s, the 30-39 year old’s, the 40-49 year old’s, the other groups who were eligible sooner and so they’re naturally going to have a higher rate,” said Wendy Hirschenberger, Health Officer with the Grand Traverse County Health Department.

Doctors say treatment options are still limited for patients with COVID-19, meaning the vaccine is the best way to make sure you don’t end up in the hospital.


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