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A Small Community Collage Project Has Turned Into A Big Impact

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Art is a form of expression, even the smallest pieces can leave the biggest impact.

The has a fundraiser going on until the end of August called Small Works, Big Impact. This is the center’s third year doing it, and it has proved to be very successful! It’s goal is to raise awareness of the visual arts by reaching out to the local community and encouraging people of all ages and skills to get creative!

Every year the Oliver Art Center gives out 200 blank 6×6 canvases to whomever wants to participate in creating a piece of artwork. Participants can make as many pieces as they want, the only condition is that the finished piece is donated back to the art center to hang up on their collage wall. These pieces will be displayed for the public, where community members can purchase them for $40. All proceeds go towards the Oliver Art Center to support all their programs and operations they provide.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a member or an artist to participate! The canvas can be crafted to your liking with any type of media. Currently, there are pieces up that have used paint, prints, colored pencil, quilting, needle pointing, and more!

Stop by the Oliver Art Center to pick up a canvas and participate or call (231) 352-4151.

If you’d like to view the collection and purchase some of the artwork, .

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