Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center Community Awareness Campaign & Open House

Child sexual abuse and physical abuse is detrimental for the victim and the family trying to help the child receive help and healing.  That’s why the Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center inChildrens Help Traverse City is a major component when it comes to an exceptional team of professionals helping children facing trauma or abuse.

Their mottos is “Healing begins with us,” and it’s an ideal that is upheld and focused on when children and their caregivers are brought into the center.  Often times families are unsure of where to turn to for help and that is where TBCAC comes into play.

As a regional response center for crimes against children, nearly 2,800 children through northern Michigan have taken part in child forensic interviews at TBCAC in the last 11 years.  In just the last year, the center has seen an increase in the number of people turning to them for help and support. That’s why they’ve created a Community Awareness Campaign to help better inform the public.

To raise awareness about what the center does including the support, healing, and services provided to children and their families in an 11-county region, click on the interviews posted above.

Additionally, there will be an open house for the community on Wednesday, July 21st from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The address of Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center is:

2000 Chartwell Drive Suite 3, Traverse City, Michigan 49696

For more details on TBCAC, including the services they provide, click here.


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