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Grant Me Hope: DaShawn

is truly a hands-on guy who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to sports, working on cars, and writing his own songs. “I love to discover new things and learn about things,”

says DaShawn.  He describes himself as not only intelligent and athletic but also outgoing. According to a close adult, “DaShawn likes to learn about other people and interesting things, and he is gaining positive coping skills.”

In addition to his athleticism, DaShawn takes pride in his intelligence and the ease in which he can interact with others. “I click easily with other people,” he says. Socializing with others is one of the things DaShawn enjoys about his favorite days of the year including his birthday and New Year’s Eve. When he finds his forever family, DaShawn wants to do things together such as going to the beach or just sitting around talking.

DaShawn needs a forever family who will remain committed to him. “Dashawn needs time to develop trust in a family,” says an adult close to him. He would do well with two parents who are experienced and trauma trained. He needs a family who can provide structure and consistency. In addition, DaShawn should be the youngest child in the home.

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