Mackinac Bridge Closure Puts Chicago Yacht Club Racers on Alert

Sunday’s closure of the Mackinac Bridge raised big questions for those participating in the Chicago Yacht Club’s Race to Mackinac Island.

Organizers say because of the incident they were preparing to move the finish line to before the bridge.

Nick Berberian Commodore to the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, says, “The resilience and the adaptability that all of us have demonstrated this year is what this race is all about.”

Boats are making their way across Lake Michigan for the 112tb Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac.

Organizers say last year’s cancellation was a mark in the race’s history.

Berberian says, “We had to make the extraordinary decision to cancel the race last year. It’s only the second time in its 100 year history that its had to be cancelled.”

Racers took off for the 333 mile journey from Chicago late last week.

“The racers have left. We have two divisions, one division is what we call the cruising division left on Friday afternoon from Chicago. The racing division left on Saturday morning and afternoon,” says Berberian.37ba2cbe Ad11 43e6 8327 7ad8190d02f6

The Mackinaw City Municipal Marina says this year many of the racers will be using their marina.

Dock hand, Izzie House, says, “On the island they’re not rafting, so they’re not tying off on the boats themselves. They’ll probably check in at the island and hop over here to Mackinaw City and out marinas we have here.”

They expect to be busy until the middle of the week.

House says, “They had a kind of slow day yesterday because there wasn’t any wind really at all. They’ll probably come in either really late tonight or tomorrow morning and then some of the stragglers will come in Tuesday.”

Race organizers say they are expecting the first boat to arrive at around 10 p.m on Sunday.