We’re Going 2 The Moon…And Back With The Most Delicious Baked Goods!

If you need a pick-me-up, we got you covered! A great way to start your day off is with 2 The Moon Bakery in Lake City!

It’s a cute little place right on the corner of North Main Street. Owned by foodie power couple Nathanial (aka Chef Ziggy) and Chelsie Sigsbey, the two are passionate about creating a product with local farm-fresh ingredients — and you can tell in every bite you take! They sell coffee, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, soups, fresh bread and homemade pastries. One thing I highly recommend are the handmade pop-tarts! Loaded with real strawberry filling, and topped with a sweet glaze and sprinkles! So good that I came back a couple days later for some more!

2 The Moon Bakery sells a variety of items, but their best sellers, or as Chef Ziggy likes to say, their ‘bread-winning’ treats, are their croissants. Perfectly buttery and flakey, and made with plenty of love! So much love, that it takes Chef Chelsie 72 hours to prepare the melt-in-your-mouth treats! The extensive process uses four pounds of flour and over two pounds of butter, making an enriched dough. The dough is folded three to four times and put in the cooler after each fold. Chef Chelsie says it’s a whole day just to get the folds in, and the following day is when she can actually shape the dough. The pastry is shaped by hand and brushed with an egg wash, then baked to perfection.

Tasty food isn’t all that this bakery is filled with! One fascinating thing about 2 The Moon Bakery is that there is a bit of history in the building. Originally built in 1905, the building was commissioned by real estate and insurance agent George W. Wood. After Wood’s death, it was later turned into the first post office in Lake City functioning in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. When you visit 2 The Moon Bakery, you’ll be able to walk into a giant safe that was preserved from Wood’s business. Upon buying the building, owners Nathanial and Chelsie Sigsbey, had found old letters, pictures, and documents from the building’s past. They put them in the large safe where guests can come in and take a peek for themselves!

You can catch 2 The Moon Bakery at their first Cadillac Farmer’s Market experience on select Tuesday’s and Saturday’s this summer. Specials and announcements are updated on their Facebook page HERE. For more information visit their website HERE or call (231) 295-1238.


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