Michigan State Police, MDOT Urge Drivers To Obey Stop Signs On US-131

WEXFORD COUNTY – Construction on US-131 is coming to a close, but the number of crashes could increase if drivers aren’t paying attention to the new changes.

“They don’t realize the traffic has slowed or come to a complete stop in front of them and they rear end the vehicle,” says Spl/Lt. Derrick Carroll, Public Information Officer for Michigan State Police, Seventh District.

The $2.9 million resurfacing project began in late June for the 5.5 miles from Us 131 Business Route to Boon Road. The traffic is down to one lane on each side of the highway. Stops signs have also replaced the usual yield signs.

“Pay attention to the signage entering the freeways or highways,” says Lt. Carroll. “A lot of times in the past they have had yield signs, but since we’re down to maybe a single lane, or there are workers present, they now have stop signs there and you have to treat that as any other stop sign. It is not a yield, it’s not a slow roller, it’s you must stop.”

Michigan Department of Transportation echoes the call for caution. The safety precautions are not just for drivers, but the construction crews as well.

“They’re literally putting their lives on the lines on a daily basis to try and provide a safer infrastructure for the motoring public,” says Dan Wagner, MDOT Project Manager.

MDOT says the lane closures on US-131 through Wexford will continue until the beginning of August, with the project expected to finish on Aug. 6th.