Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City Hosts Change of Command

It’s full of pomp and circumstance: the formality of the Change of Command ceremony at Air Station Traverse City.

Coast Guard Tc Lineup

 It happens every two years – Traverse City gets a new Commanding Officer of the US Coast Guard Air Station. It’s a long-standing tradition to bid farewell to the commanding officer and welcome the new C.O. in a formal ceremony.

The Rear Admiral of the Ninth Coast Guard District, Michael Johnston, flew in for the event, giving the formal orders for the change of command.

Coast Guard Tc Capt WebbTraverse City said goodbye to Captain Chuck Webb and his historic two years of service. Webb says his crews did outstanding work, responding to hurricanes, search and rescue efforts saving over 120 lives, while maintaining safety and evaluation standards during a pandemic. “We set a record for the last decade for how many (rescues) we did last summer. And we flew more flight hours last summer since the 60 (helicopter) has been here.”

 The community also gets to welcome Commander Christopher Wright, who says he is excited about the challenges the Great Lakes region brings. “Talking with Capt. Webb, just the missions we have out here. The search and rescue in the summertime, and the unique missions – whether it’s people on ice that break away or people that get lost in the woods. You name it we get it. So it’s going to be exciting times.”

Captain Webb says his first post as a pilot was at Air Station Traverse City more than 20 years ago. Webb is relocating to Colorado Springs, CO, where he will work with Northern Command and NORAD.

 Commander Wright comes to Traverse City from Air Station San Diego. He’s joined by his wife, one daughter, and aCoast Guard Tc Commander Wright son on the way.