Brewvine: Brys Estate Vineyard And Winery

Megan Viecelli and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take you to Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery on Old Mission Peninsula to discover a beautiful secret the winery has been keeping for five years.

“We are sort of a dual destination and we do have our Secret Garden as well, so this is an area of the property that is a low bowl, where all the cold air drained and we couldn’t grow grapes. So we said, ‘What can we do with this spot?’ and so what you see is lavender,” said Patrick Brys, the Operations Manager of Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery.

6,000 plants from nine different varieties, Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery planted the field of fragrant flowers five years ago, after getting inspiration from a trip to France.

“My mom and my sister had been to France and saw lavender growing alongside vineyards and said, ‘We should be able to do that in northern Michigan,’ and here we are today. So we really encourage guests to come out and see the sea of purple. It is just a beautiful thing to see, to witness, take pictures, take some selfies, grab an ice cream, grab a lemonade, grab some cookies, grab something from the gift shop,” said Brys.

The beautiful lavender blooms are at their peak right now and so is attendance at the winery.

“So we definitely recommend, you know, if you’re coming to visit the winery, go online, get a reservation. We do table reservations. This year, we also have our lawn bar if you don’t have a reservation. Come and check that out. You can always just grab a picnic table on the lawn, enjoy your favorite glass of Brys Estate wine,” said Brys.

Whether you are visiting the tasting room or the Secret Garden, Brys is offering a special Brewvine discount at both of their venues.

“We want to make sure that guests know that they have their Brewvine Passport, obviously works to the winery, get you some great discounts up there, but down here, we’re offering 20% off your purchase if you show your Brewvine Passport,” said Brys.

From wine tasting to wandering through the lavender fields, Brys Estate is the perfect spot to spend a relaxing summer afternoon.

“I think people just want to get out of their house and, you know, go somewhere where they can experience some beauty and just kind of take a moment for themselves. So whether it’s at the

winery or dining in the garden, I think that people can find something here at Brys Estate,” said Brys.

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