Benzie Central Schools Unveil First Blueprints of Bond Proposal Project

After four years of trying to get the Benzie County Central Schools bond proposal to pass, the measure finally did in November 2020, and the district is excited to get their projects underway.

Benzie School“It’s a very exciting time for Benzie,” said Superintendent Amiee Erfourth.

The school district just released the first blueprints of the projects they plan to accomplish.

“We’re going to be getting new roofs on our two existing elementaries, Betsie Valley and Lake Ann, we’re going to be getting a two preschool addition at Lake Ann, we’re also getting new electrical HVAC out at Betsie Valley,” she said.

They also are installing a new bus garage and new elementary school on the Benzie Central High School campus.

The school district wanted to add a little bit of Benzie history to this new building.

“We wanted something to have more of an up north sort of feel,” said Erfourth. “We finally came across a replica postcard from 1950s era from the Cherry Hut, and it has the Cherry Hut’s front peak entrance. We thought that that would be the perfect shape to be housed on our front of our new elementary.”

Some projects are already underway, including a new roof on the high school and middle school, as well as new LED stadium lights on their football field.

The school district is looking to have the community share their opinions along the process, as well.

“One of the first opportunities they’ll have is the color pallets for the new elementary,” said Erfourth. “We also are working on an opportunity for the community to give us input on the name for the new school. We are trying to incorporate as many chances as possible for our community to get their eyes on what we’re doing and also to give us some feedback.”

The next phase of the project will be a more detail design, then the projects will be up for bid in the fall.