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Michigan Announces First Four Winners of ‘MI Shot to Win’ Sweepstakes

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On July 1, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the Sweepstakes as an incentive for those in Michigan to get vaccinated.

The giveaway selects one person each day from July 1 through Aug 3 to win $50,000. On Aug 3, one person will win $1 million, while another will win $2 million.

Additionally, there are nine 4-year scholarships for colleges or universities for those who have gotten the vaccine between 12-17 years old.

The first four $50,000 winners from July 1-4 were announced on July 14:

  • Amber Berger from New Baltimore
  • Adrienne Peterson from Southfield
  • Christopher Ackerman from Detroit
  • Larita Lee from Wyoming

“We hope the sweepstakes can increase our rate by 7.5% so we get to that 70% mark,” said Governor Whitmer. “It’s roughly 600,000 Michiganders.”

So far, 1.7 million people have signed up to win the cash prizes, while nearly 78,000 young Michiganders entered to win the college scholarship.

Amber Berger is a Registered Nurse from New Baltimore, who was the first person to win the $50,000 daily prize. She’s excited to use the money on vacation in Cancun this September.

“I, unfortunately, know quite a few people that have been affected by Covid,” she said. “My husband was very sick, in the hospital with Covid. I have a very close friend and coworker who is still suffering over a year later with the effects of Covid.”

Berger got vaccinated at Henry Ford Hospital in Clinton Township.

“I understand it is a scary thing to let something new into your body, but if it’s going to help protect one person, as well as yourself and your family, then why not do it,” she said.

The July 3 winner, Christopher Ackerman, said he couldn’t believe he won the sweepstakes.

“This all just came at a surprise, and I’m happy I got vaccinated,” Ackerman said. “I’m keeping my family safe and look—I just won some money.”

Southfield resident Adrienne Peterson won on July 2, and will be using the money toward a brand new home. Larita Lee from Wyoming is a retired GM factory worker, and won on July 4. She’ll be using her winnings toward a down payment on a house.

While Governor Whitmer is encouraging people to sign up for the sweepstakes, she says it’s crucial to get your vaccine regardless — especially with the Delta variant.

“If you have your shots,  you can relax knowing that you’re protected against this variant, and others detected thus far,” she said. “If you’ve not gotten it, know that this variant is to be taken seriously, and we hope that you will get your shot and register for your shot to win.”

The next round of winners will be announced at a later date.