Taste the Local Difference: Four Food Finds for July

For Taste the Local Difference Tuesday, we’re showcasing the Four Food Finds with CEO of Taste the Local Difference food marketing, Tricia Phelps.Chicos

From locally grown, organic heirloom tomatoes to a pizza made with all local vegetables, Tricia breaks down her top four picks for the month of July in northern Michigan.

What’s in Season? This month our local fruit and vegetable seasonality really starts to expand quickly. Cherries are here and with raspberries and blueberries on the cusp. We’ll see collards and cauliflower, eggplants and cucumbers, scallions, green beans, and more. We have a seasonality guide on our website in english and spanish, to help you out.

Must Try: Z&N Garden Pie at Northern Natural Cider House

Just down the road from Z&N Farm you’ll find a pizza with their name on it at Northern Naturals. The Z&N Garden Pie changes seasonally with the local produce available at the farm. Taste through the season and support locally grown sourcing by eating pizza!

Buy Yourself some Locally Grown Flowers

This region is known as an agricultural destination, with so much diversity in locally grown crops we’re second only to California. Don’t forget the flowers. Traditional bouquet flowers typically travel a really long distance to get here, but this region has a ton of talented flower farmers to choose from. Use our website to search farms and find one near you! Some even have flower CSAs where you can get a new bouquet every week.

Don’t Miss Chico & Moniqua’s Mexican Pop-up at Providence Organic Farm Market in Central Lake. All the food is made from scratch with hand-crafted tortillas, traditional spices, and slow-cooked meats plus combined with Providence Farm’s delicious organic produce. It’s some of the best, most authentic Mexican food in Northern Michigan. They’ve hosted 2 thus far, keep your eye out for July!

For more details about the featured business, Z&N Farm in Bear Lake click here.

For a direct link to Taste the Local Difference click here.



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