Cadillac Fund Donates $5,000 to Help Wexford and Osceola Women in Need

CADILLAC — Tuesday, Cadillac Area Women’s Giving Circle, a field-of-interest fund held by Cadillac Area Community Foundation, donated $5,000 to Love Inc. to help women in need throughout Wexford and Osceola counties.

The donation will go towards the Women’s Fresh Start Fund. The grant is set up to help women and children moving from shelters into homes of their own. The money can go towards expenses such as utilities, furniture and personal care items. Carol Dolan, Executive Director of Love Inc., says that women often transition into permanent homes without having sufficient resources.

“That’s why we are here at Love Inc.,” says Carol Dolan, Executive Director, Love Inc. “[We] show love and compassion to people in usually temporary or emergent situations.”

The goal is to use the $5,000 to help 20 women this upcoming year, but every call for help is different as the needs may vary.