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Traverse City Concludes Another Year for the National Cherry Festival

After an eventful week at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, volunteers and organizers wasted no time cleaning things up Sunday morning.

Operations Director for the National Cherry Festival, Alexis Bremer, says they didn’t see the huge crowds like they usually do.

“I think that was because of the lack of large events, like the airshow,” she said. “However, I think for what we did, there was just an awesome turnout of young families and people traveling from all over the place, so it was really great to see.”

Volunteers and clean-up crews have been out working since the festival ended Saturday night, picking up trash and breaking down tents. Overall, they said this year’s event was a success.

“We are tearing down tents, we are taking down fencing, all the plumbing is getting wrapped up, electricity. We are running and gunning,” Bremer added.

This was the first National Cherry Festival since the pandemic. The festival changed things up this year by adding a bigger beer tent and a change of locations.

“[We saw] lots of people lined up for the ice cream tent and beer tent, and I think a lot of people liked the local talent that was on stage as well,” Bremer said.

Seasonal staff for the Cherry Festival, Kenneth Mcardel, says they started breaking things down about 10:00 p.m. on Saturday.

“The turnout was pretty much about where we expected,” he said. “We had some days where we were really busy, some days that were really slow… just due to the weather. I think people were just ready to get out and go somewhere. I don’t think they really cared where they were going.”