Northern Michigan Schools Making Decisions on Virtual Learning Options for Upcoming School Year

Plans are coming together for school districts for the start of classes in the fall but what does that mean for virtual learning?

Many school districts allowed students to choose to continue with virtual learning even after in person classes returned.

But that option may not be there when classes start again in the fall.

Students spent part of the last school year going back and forth between remote and in person learning.

But not everyone will have the option to stay remote come fall.

The Chippewa Hills School District just announced there won’t be a virtual option for students when classes resume in august.

Superintendent Dr. Bob Grover says the district and school board feel learning and teaching is much more effective in person.

“It’s the social emotional relationships part of teaching, you know the old saying of you don’t care how much you know until you know how much you care really comes into play because students need that relationship. That’s what you need, and you can get that in person better than over a screen,” said Grover.

It’s a similar story at Benzie Central. Student’s K-5 will be in person, but students in grades 6-12 will have the option for virtual learning with the Benzie Academy.

“What we found was the majority of our families, over 80 percent wanted kids face to face, and I think we also learned being at home was really hard for students psychologically,” said Superintendent Amiee Erfourth.

Schools making plans, they hope they’re able to stick to.

“We have a year under our belt of knowledge that is helping us to make a better decision to move forward,” said Erfourth.

“Just being able to see them, talk with them, listen to them, they know we’re there, we know they’re there it’s part of the relationship that really matters,” said Grover.

Schools say they do have plans in place and are ready to move to virtual learning if necessary.

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