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Gaylord Hears Public Comment on Marijuana Shops Coming to the City

On June 1, the city of Gaylord passed an ordinance allowing recreational marijuana shops and growers to come to town.

Since then, they’ve received a total of 14 applications from businesses looking to open up in the area.

On Wednesday, the planning commission held a meeting for public comments on concerns or ideas the city should consider.

Gaylord City Manager, Kim Awrey said while they didn’t receive much feedback before the ordinance passed, now they’re hearing more from those in the city, but local businesses have been quiet.

“We did reach out to any businesses within 300 feet of those locations,” said Awrey. “There are no residences in those vicinities, but we didn’t have any responses from any of the local businesses as far as any complaints with the businesses that are planning on coming to town.”

Awrey added anyone with concerns should come to their city meetings to share their opinions.

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