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Ludington Finishes New Downtown Plaza, A Project Idea Originated In The 80’s

The City of Ludington just finished a project that’s been in the works for nearly 35 years. on James Street & Ludington is now open to the public.

David MacLean, owner of Spindrift Cyclesports said he’s excited to see the finished plaza and that having a business right in the middle of the park is a bonus.

“Just in time for Ludington’s busiest summer season,” he said. “Yeah, it turned out beautiful. It’s a really nice asset for the town.”

People in Ludington, business owners, and public officials gathered together on July 1 for the grand opening.

“As a business owner, it’s really great because it draws people, of course,” said co-owner of All Occasion Events and Floral in Ludington, Cheryl Freeman. “To come and congregate and check out the area of businesses. Community-wise, it’s nice to have something a little nicer to have concerts and that kind of thing. Places to eat and sit, and enjoy the downtown.”

The new plaza focuses on the lumber, maritime and Native American heritage history of Ludington.

One of the main highlights for the new plaza is the pavilion, which will be home to Ludington’s Farmer’s Market.

Heather Tykoski, Community Development Director for the City of Ludington says a lot of the city’s events will be held in the new park.

“We looked at Ludington in all of its different iterations, and looked at the fact that there were significant points in history created in Ludington,” she said. “We want this to be a space where people not only come and gather, but learn and remember Ludington.”

The plaza will be open year-round and has public restrooms, as well as a fireplace for those chilly months.

The project was made possible by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, who granted the city with a 2.1 million dollar grant.

“Raising that kind of money and putting in something like this when it’s not connected directly to a business or a job creation element would not have been possible,” she said.