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Star Line Ferry Saves Boater in the Straits of Mackinac

The Cadillac Crew

A sailboat tried to outrun a storm in the straits of Mackinac, but soon found itself in trouble after losing all control.  

Star Line Ferry in St. Ignace was just about to take some passengers to Mackinac Island, but when they heard the distress calls, Captain Kristopher Geary knew they would have to go in for a rescue.

“I could see the boat. It was entering the harbor but it was facing towards the rocks and was going to go aground really soon,” said Geary. “So, we were leaving the dock at that exact moment.” 

With it’s sails and engine not working, the boater was at the mercy of the waves and wind.

When The Cadillac reached the boat, the crew worked together to pull them to shore.

“So I had one crew member on the second deck, one crew member on the main deck, and one crew member holding the line, communicating to each other what I wanted and what was happening with the sailboat so I could look forward to get a perfect line to get him to the dock,” said Geary.

CEO of Star Line, Jerry Fetty said they are always willing to help out anyone in distress on the water. “You know it’s our duty to do that when we’re out there on the lake and if there are any vessels in distress we’re going to help them out, and I’m just glad everything worked out okay and they did a great job on The Cadillac.” 

Captain Geary said the owner of the sailboat was treated for minor injuries on Mackinac Island.