‘MI Shot To Win’ Vaccine Sweepstakes Drawings Begin Tuesday

The state is set to hold the first vaccine sweepstakes drawing Tuesday, but if Michiganders want a chance to win, they have to register by midnight Monday.

The drawings are for anyone in Michigan with at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.Vax Sweepstakes Pkg 7 1 2100 00 48 09still001

Michiganders can still win a later drawing if they aren’t signed up by Monday but every day they wait, is a drawing they miss out on.

The state isn’t hiding the sole reason to be giving out $5 million in cash prizes and scholarships.

“I know you’ve probably heard this pitch before but i’m gonna keep making it until we hit our goals,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer at the sweepstakes announcement last week.

It’s an incentive, aimed to jumpstart the state’s crawling vaccination rate. The prizes begin Tuesday.

“$50,000 giveaway a day, for 30 days,” said Kerry Ebersole-Singh of the Protect Michigan Commission, “That’s where we are going to drive those new vaccines.”

The winners will be drawn every day but the winners won’t be made public until next Monday, July 12. Along with the week of winners will be the winner of the $1 million drawing.

“We don’t want to necessarily have this flame out after the launch and have folks lose interest,” said Ebersole-Singh, “We’re working on some innovative ideas in terms of announcing the prize and the winners to help keep folks interested.”

Michiganders can still get their shot and get entered for later drawings but everyday not vaccinated, is a drawing they miss. There is a five day wait from shot to eligibility.

“If you have your first dose today, we want to make sure we are getting all the data in from all the providers across the state,” said Ebersole-Singh, “So that takes about five days for that system to all update.”

The next few weeks will show if these drawings are effective or if a chance at a big pay day still isn’t enough to hit the state’s goal.

“We believe incenting those folks is going to be able to drive us to 70%,” said Ebersole-Singh, “And as the governor mentioned, we still need to meet people where they are to makes sure they have the information they need to get vaccinated.”

To register for the MI Shot To Win sweepstakes, head to the official website HERE.

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