Frankfort Gears Up for 4th of July

"When I think of 4th of July and I think of Frankfort, I think of tradition."- Joanne Bartley, Chamber of Commerce

Frankfort DowntownFor many of us, the 4th of July is about fun, family – and in many cases, fireworks.

The traditions continue in Frankfort this weekend. The fireworks show is at the Lake Michigan beach Sunday at dusk, but there’s fun throughout the weekend. The carnival starts Friday and the true 4th of July party runs all day Sunday.Frankfort 4th

Joanne Bartley is the Executive Director of the Frankfort-Elberta Chamber of Commerce. She says, “We have an art in the park craft fair, we have the carnival happening. We have a sand sculpture contest down at the beach. And of course the fireworks. 4714 people just absolutely love the fireworks in this town.”

Frankfort Beach 4thBartley says they foot the $15,000 bill for fireworks, and without a parade this year to help raise money, they’ll be taking up a collection; both with digital contributions via QR code or text, and in-person on Sunday night.