Traverse City Boom Boom Club Gets Donation Towards Annual Fireworks

Fireworks will be lighting up the sky in Traverse City on the Fourth of July.

The Traverse City Boom Boom Club is going on with their annual fireworks show.

On Wednesday, Traverse City Tourism announces they are donating $15,000 to the organization to make it happen.D6dea0e1 C015 43b9 8a1d 0ff346b3eb0d

The Boom Boom Club tells us this is the first time they have had multiplied sponsors for the show.

COVID canceled the organizations primary way to pull in money for the annual event and president of the club, Tim Hinkley, says this money will help get the ball rolling for next year’s show.

“Help us get over the hump of not having fireworks last year. We weren’t really able to go ahead and raise any kind of monies and they’ve always been good supporters but never to this amount,” says Hinkley.

The Boom Boom Club says they still have tickets on sale to help raise money for future firework shows.