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Wondergrade: The New Emotional Learning App For Kids

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Emotions — everyone has them, but for children in particular, they can be overwhelming and even hard to figure out a times.

A new app is helping children learn about processing and coping with their emotions. The app helps with early emotional learning by regulating feelings, building resilience, practicing empathy, and finding your calm.

And after a difficult year with the pandemic, many parents have had a hard time being, well…parents! One woman realized that she needed to do something to help her own daughter’s severe anxiety, and was hoping to find something kid friendly. Unfortunately, there wasn’t many options, so she decided to create her own app to help her daughter navigate and learn how to cope with her emotions.

With a background in nursing and getting certified to be a kids yoga and mindfulness teacher, Kristi Coppa, the creator and founder of the Wondergrade app, put together some age appropriate activities that her daughter could use out in the world. Kristi received a lot of positive feedback from parents, and that soon grew into a business where she started teaching classes to help other children. During the pandemic, she took these physical tools and created a parent-appreciated app.

The app is lead by a big, blue mascot named Yog who guides kids through short activities such as meditation, breathing exercises, mindful movements, yoga and more! There is also a parent section that include tips, research behind each activity, words of encouragement, and even meditation.

You can download the Wondergrade app on the and the . For more information, visit the Wondergrade website .

Try it for a week free to see if it works for you!

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