What’s Growing With Tom: Checking on the Lawn

Last week’s early cold spell gave the lawn a break to recover from all the heat and dry skies, and the recent rains are really helping out.

Morgan Composting’s Connor Witbeck knows his grass and we have an issue with a brown spot among all our green.

He thinks the problem is due to a sprinkler head not high enough, so it’s not watering the entire area.

“So a lot of times the larger droplets will go away out instead of coming here close by. So I think you might need to raise up your sprinkler head just a little bit to let that mister head get this close by. Because you get that doughnut ring around here right. When that happens you know you get your, your soil sample and see that’s about as wet as it gets but down here is as dry as a bone so getting that sprinkler re adjusted would be good to help water things in, and then possibly consider like aerification in the fall kind of opening it up for more water channels and more air to come through.”

Of course, we need to feed the lawn to keep it looking good as well.  Connor says it’s the perfect time to put down Safe Green Lawn, giving the lawn a nitrogen and calcium boost. It’s organic and safe for kids and pets.

July 4th is just around the corner and we want to show you how our flowers are doing. We’ll have a look next week!

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