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State Rep. Rendon Claims Evidence of Election Fraud

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Seven months after the final ballots were cast, questions still remain about the legitimacy. This is despite hundreds of audits showing no fraud, the canvassing process confirming the results and the Senate Oversight Committee investigating the process since Election Day.

Last week, the Republican-lead Senate Oversight Committee concluded their investigation, clearing the election of any fraud. Republican Representative Daire Rendon of Lake City still has issues, and said so in a letter this weekend. She was not responsive to requests to talk to 9&10 News Monday, but did go on a radio show in Grand Rapids to talk.

While on West Michigan Live with Justin Barclay, Rep. Rendon expressed displeasure with the report.

“This report by the Oversight Committee was a disappointment,” said Rendon, “It was a disappointment to me, a disappointment to many people.”

Rendon also unveiled, what she says is, never before examined evidence.

“I don’t think this was put forth yet,” said Rendon.

She says she has a report from cybersecurity experts with two new claims, a wireless modem found inside voting machines and another connected to foreign IP addresses.

“We know there was a data breach on November 5th and on the 17th,” said Rendon, “One of those IP addresses was registered to the Ministry of Education data center located in Taipei, Taiwan.”

One thing she did not touch on is how any possible data breach would override the paper ballots used. The ones used in the 250+ audits already performed on the election.

“I mean, it is so plain and simple and so many of the purveyors of these theories ignored evidence to promote a false narrative,” said Sen. Ed McBroom, the author of the report.

The Oversight Committee hoped their report would squash false claims of fraud, it seems like it hasn’t. Nobody knows what the next step will be, but the state is not offering a forensic audit, like the group with Rendon is calling for.

“This will certainly, in the event that there is nothing going on here, we’ll certainly confirm that,” said Rendon, “Won’t we?”


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