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Grant Me Hope: Zandra


She is your typical teenager with a bright smile that can warm anyone’s heart. Zandra shares a little bit about herself, and what she’s looking for in a forever family, in this Grant Me Hope.

Zandra loves athletics so much that she hopes to share her interest in sports with a forever family. “Zandra is competitive and likes participating in school activities and joining sports teams,” says her worker. She has indicated that basketball, soccer, swimming, and field hockey are among her favorite sports. In addition to being active, Zandra is creative and likes drawing, writing poetry and journaling. When it’s time for Zandra to take a breather, she’ll study her favorite subject, math, because in her words, “you use it for a lot of things.” Or she’ll munch on her favorite food items such as pizza and Chinese food. When she wants to chill, Zandra enjoys playing video games and watching TV. This girl’s “Z” to “A” interests spread to things she wants to do with her future forever family such as going to the mall, the movies or the grocery store. Most of all, she wants a family who has similar interests as she does and who supports her participation in sports.

Zandra wants a mom and dad, but she’s open to having a single mom. Her new parent or parents should be experienced and have the time to devote to Zandra’s needs. Zandra can have older or younger children in the home as long as she receives adequate attention. Her forever family must make sure Zandra gets the services she needs to function at her best. Zandra will do best with a patient family who won’t pressure her as she transitions into her new home.

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