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Farm Market Hit By Drop in Business During Road Construction

Groleaus Construction
Groleaus Farm Market

A Grand Traverse County construction project is causing headaches for drivers – and for one business that’s affected by all the road work.

Groleau’s Farm Market is the only retail business affected by the construction for a new roundabout going in at 4 mile and Hammond near Traverse City. Normally a busy season, traffic is pretty sparse on what is now a one-way street. And construction continues until the end of September.

Lynn Groleau says, “We’re still open. We’ve cut our hours a little bit we’re here 10-7 daily instead of 9-9. It doesn’t pay to be open ‘til 9 right now. It’s not hard to get to. Hammond road going west is open…. We’d just love to see everybody.”

Groleau says ice cream sales are down by more than 75%. “Ice cream has taken a huge hit. That’s where we’ve noticed the biggest drop. You know there’s other places to go that are easier to get to than us. We’re not doing a quarter of what we did in ice cream, and probably half of what we normally do in produce.” That produce includes fresh fruit and vegetables, with a display of fresh peaches, cherries, and strawberries just to name a few.

If you stop by – Lynn says they’ll help you navigate your way back home through the construction.

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