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North Manitou Lighthouse Finishes Restoration, Begins Giving Tours

Five years ago, the North Manitou Light Keepers set a big goal for the North Manitou Lighthouse.

That was to restore the offshore lighthouse and start giving tours by Fourth of July this year.

They made it with two weeks to spare, and held their first tour last weekend.

The 86-year-old structure had stood vacant and uncared for from 1980 to 2016, when it was purchased in an auction by North Manitou Light Keepers.

The non-profit organization says they’re thrilled to have people witness the history of the lighthouse and it’s already been busy.

“They’ve been wildly successful,” said Dave McWilliam of North Manitou Light Keepers. “We do have a few scattered spots available, but for the most part they’re sold out, which is kind of why we arranged the larger boat tour with the Manitou Island transit to accommodate a larger amount of people.”

The Manitou Light Keepers hope to have more larger tours starting later this summer.

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