Whitmer Signs Two Bipartisan Bills To Help Veterans

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Senate Bill 10 and House Bill 4122 on Thursday to help ease the difficulty veterans face while trying to obtain county veteran services, benefits and cash assistance.

Senate Bill 10 would amend the Open Meetings Act to allow a county veteran service committee to meet in a close session to interview a veteran, spouse or dependent regarding an application for benefits or financial assistance.

“This expectation is not exclusive to civilians, yet until now our military veterans have often been forced to publicly reveal such information when applying for benefits they have earned through their service,” said Sen. Lana Theis, R-Brighton, who sponsored Senate Bill 10.

A copy of the Senate Bill 10 can be found here.

House Bill 4122 will amend 1953 PA 192 to modify the distribution and expenditure of grants from the County Veteran Service Fund.

This bill would revise grant eligibility requirements to allow more counties to participate in the grant program.

Counties will also be able to use grants for allowable expenditures as determined by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency and for an emergent need relief program to provide direct financial assistance through county veteran service operations.

“The improved flexibility allowed by this change will help ensure veterans get the type of assistance they need when and where they need it,” said Rep. Annette Glenn, R-Midland, who sponsored House Bill 4122.

A copy of House Bill 4122 can be found here.

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