Hook and Hunting: Deer Land

The 2022 hunting season seems far off, but the DNR is working to improve deer habitats for next year.

This comes in the form of the Northern Lower Peninsula Deer Private Land Assistance Network, or NLP Deer Plan.

This grant is available to private land owners and aims to increase deer availability to public and private land hunters.

By making more deer available to hunters, it will reduce the transmission of bovine tuberculosis and agricultural damage caused by deer.

Applications are available now and only to those who live in Alcona, Alpena, Crawford, Montmorency, Oscoda and Presque Isle Counties.

“Through increasing the harvest of antlerless deer with this habitat improvement, we can see reduced crop damage,” said Emily Sewell, a Wildlife Health Specialist with Gaylord DNR. “This is because the way the grant is structured, you get more points as an applicant if you are or are directly adjacent to agricultural property that is being actively used.”

The deadline to turn in the deer plan application is July 18 at midnight.

To apply, click here. 

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