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Mawby Sparkling Wine Partnering With Documentary Crew To Spread Awareness On Great Lakes Water Quality

Mawby Sparking Wine in Sutton’s Bay is partnering with an independent documentary crew to help spread awareness about the water quality of the Great Lakes.

The filmmakers of “Troubled Water” are documenting a 425 mile standup paddle journey from Mackinac Island all the way to the State Capital in Lansing through the Grand River.

The film will highlight current water issues such as Line Five, water quality issues and invasive species.

Mawby has renamed one of their wines “Line 5”, and two dollars of each bottle purchased will go towards the production budget of the film.

They say the hope is to spread awareness about the aquatic issues that would impact the entire Great Lakes region.

“We just want to bring attention to the issue,” said —–. “And for us, it’s an environmental issue, it’s not a political issue, we care about the environment, we work with the environment every day, and we want to preserve it.”

“They enjoy this Leelanau Peninsula for all its beauty, and so they’re fully on board with protecting and serving the Great Lakes in which their business is built on,” said —–.

The film crew is about a third of the way through their journey, and hope to release their film next year.

For more information about the film,

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