Updated COVID-19 Workplace Protocols Expected Tuesday From MIOSHA

With the announcement of Michigan lifting the distancing, capacity and masking mandates starting Tuesday, one thing that wasn’t mentioned to be rescinded were the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules for workplaces.

All capacity limits, social distancing requirements and mask mandates will be lifted. Testing protocols will be lessened but as of right now, the requirements put in place by MIOSHA as a guideline for Michigan’s workplaces, they are in effect until October 14.G At Speedrack Original

 When asked about possible changes to that schedule, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said, “I believe those will be out today so that there will be clarity and people will know that we will be making it line up with OSHA rules.”

 When asked for a statement, MIOSHA said an announcement will actually come Tuesday.

 In the past month, OSHA has lessened their standards while Michigan stayed more strict. Now, it sounds like Whitmer believes the announcement Tuesday will align the state with the national standard.

The MIOSHA rules are industry specific guidelines laying out what is allowed, when it comes to precautions and protocols to use to keep employees safe.

In many ways, Michigan is fully opening Tuesday and in others, it is drastically lightening the burden. Governor Whitmer again stressed the return to normal is not the end of the pandemic but that day is getting closer.

“This is good news. It says that people are taking it seriously,” said Whitmer, “Our vaccinations continue to increase so, to people who have not gotten vaccinated, please do get your questions answered. These vaccinations really are the key to getting back to normal and we have made great strides and we want to continue doing that.”