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Therapists Warn of Mental Health Effects Post Pandemic

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Since Governor Whitmer announced the reopening of the state, many are focusing on what mental health effects will come from the pandemic. One therapist says many can experience social anxiety after spending time isolated.

Adam Devaney, a social worker with Life’s Work Clinic in Kalkaska says, “People are really in the midst right now of figuring out exactly where they are with this and sometimes that’s an easy process and sometimes that’s a really challenging process for people.”

We’ve spent the last year adjusting to pandemic life.

Now, therapists say these next few months could be jarring for some.

Devaney says it will take time for people to get back to normal.

Devaney says, “When you have lockdown scenarios, when you have social distancing scenarios, what happens is people sort of revert into themselves. Which can be really challenging especially for people who are outgoing, it can be a real blessing to who have a lot of social anxiety.”

He says anxiety is one of the biggest issues he sees.

“They’ve grown from this and really they know what they can handle, what they can’t handle, what’s healthy for them, what’s not healthy for them and taking it into this new era as we return to this new semblance of normalcy, can be a very positive thing for people,” say Devaney.

Manistee Area Public School’s Child and Adolescent Health Center says students’ mental health is a top priority.

Behavioral health specialist for the center, Priscilla Anglemyer says, “The challenges that they have been experiencing is a lot with anxiety, depression, just trying to adjust to what you call the new normal is.”

She says many students are adjusting better than expected.

“I think we don’t give the kiddos a lot of credit. I think they’re very very resilient and they probably are better dealing with this than maybe most adults have been,” says Anglemyer.

The Child and Adolescent Health Center say if you or your child are struggling to reach out to them.

You can visit their website, .

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