First Ever Vegan Chef & Michigan Native Takes on Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay

If you’ve ever watched FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen with world-renown chef, Gordon Ramsay, you know things can get pretty heated.  A new series on the show called “Young Guns” is showcasing chefs 237294cfdf 0dce 4166 Baa1 21ad020c0bbc Josie Clemens Hells Kitchen Sq and younger from across the country.  One of those chefs is Josie Clemens.  Josie is also from Macomb, Michigan and just so happens to be the first-ever vegan chef on the show.

We caught up with Josie via Zoom from her home in Los Angeles to see how the experience was without giving too much away.  Josie also has a message of empathy and compassion behind her reasons for being vegan and choosing to keep her cooking skills focused on her beliefs when it comes to animals, health, and the planet.

Josie will also be back in Michigan in Hazel Park for a cooking presentation in July and spaces are available.  Click here for details.

If you’d like more details click here to follow Josie on Instagram.


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