Congressman Huizenga Predicts U.S. Canada Border to Open by Thanksgiving

During a discussion panel on Tuesday, leaders from the United States and Canada talked about how soon border restrictions could be lifted. 

While some are optimistic that some restrictions may be lifted on the 22nd, others have grown impatient waiting.

“First we started out with fear of the pandemic and that fear still reigns up there,” said Wayne Easter,  Co-Chair of the United States-Canada Inter-Parliamentary Group. “Then, there was understanding. Now there’s hope and if we don’t give people hope, that will turn to resentment and anger and the public won’t be with you.” 

Michigan Congressman Bill Huizenga spoke on the panel and says families have been feeling most of the frustration.

“When you are living in a border state like Michigan or New York or other places, love knows no international bounds, and there’s a lot of split families that have extended family and sometimes immediate family,” said Huizenga. 

Huizenga said he’s heard little from the Biden administration on the issue, “Has not been a significant response. No response. It has not been the top on their list.” 

However, he acknowledged the difficulty in the two countries reaching their own goals together.

“It’s a little harder for me as a republican urging the Biden administration, but we certainly are asking our folks what is the criteria, and it’s going to be hard,” said Huizenga. “It’s different criteria. Canada has it’s own set of criteria and the United States has another set.” 

In closing, Huizenga predicted the border reopening might not take place until Thanksgiving. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s spoken with Biden, but they have yet to come with a solution on when the border could be fully opened.